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  • info@septa-ccisd.org

We have many volunteer opportunities, and we need you.

Whether you are a parent, educator, student or community member, we have a volunteer opportunity for you! Get connected, meet new people, lend a hand, share a skill, or just have fun with your child!

All volunteers must register with the district before volunteering. You can register online here.

Some Tips for Registering:

  • After completing the registration it takes about 3-5 days to process. If you’d like to volunteer for an upcoming event please make sure there is enough time to process.
  • You can select “All Schools,” or “All Elementary Schools,” or you can select individual schools at which you’d like to volunteer. It is up to you but your volunteering will be limited to the campuses you select, and CCISD SEPTA is a district level PTA so we have functions at many different campuses at different grade levels.
  • Your district affiliation if registering to volunteer with SEPTA is PTA, and you can specify SEPTA.
  • If you are already registered with the district to volunteer you do not have to register again unless you would like to register to volunteer at more campuses.
  • Registering with the district does involve a Criminal Background Check with the district’s Safe and Secure School policy. You can read more about the policy here.