• P.O. Box 590242, Houston, Texas 77259
  • info@septa-ccisd.org

As a CCISD Special Education PTA member, you:

  • are eligible to speak and vote at General PTA meetings.
  • are eligible to run for an elected office.
  • are eligible to serve as an appointed committee chairman.
  • have access to the resources of the Texas and National PTAs.

Our PTA is governed by the:

  • Bylaws of the CCISD Special Education Parent Teacher Association.
  • CCISD Special Education PTA Standing Rules.

These documents establish the framework within which we operate. Both the Texas and National PTAs have certain provisions that we are required to include in our local bylaws. Required changes from the State and National PTAs are included in our local bylaws without any action by our members. Changes we make to our bylaws and standing rules are voted on at a general PTA meeting by a 2/3 majority. Any changes to our bylaws and standing rules must be approved by Texas PTA before they take effect. Any member can request a copy of the Bylaws and Standing Rules by contacting our PTA President.

CCISD Special Education PTA has general meetings for all members in the months of September, November, February, April and May.

The PTA Executive Board, composed of the officers and committee chairmen meet monthly during the school year to approve committee plans, decide on recommendations to be presented to the general membership and carry out the work of the association.

  • Approved by a vote of the PTA members at the general meeting.
  • Shows expected income and sets spending limits for committees.
  • Can be amended at anytime with the approval of the members at a general meeting.
  • Reflects the total amount of money collected and spent throughout the fiscal year.
  • We are a non-profit, charitable educational organization.
  • We do not pay any federal income taxes on the money we make. In return, we must follow certain federal guidelines on how our money can be used.
  • We do not pay any state sales tax on items the PTA purchases for its own use.
  • When the PTA sells taxable items, sales tax is collected because the buyer does not have tax-exempt status.
  • We are permitted to declare two tax-free days during each calendar year. On those two days, we can sell taxable items without collecting sales tax.
  • If we sell taxable merchandise, we include the sales tax into the final price of the item to the consumer.