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Serving families and educators of children receiving special education services in the Clear Creek Independent School District and surrounding areas.

Clear Creek ISD Special Education PTA welcomes families, teachers, administrators and community members to join us in celebrating and supporting our students receiving special education services.

Whether you are a parent wanting to share ideas and experiences with other parents, an educator looking for new ways to help your students, or a community member passionate about providing opportunities to students with special needs, Clear Creek ISD Special Education PTA offers a place to collaborate with others interested in helping make every student’s potential a reality.

Families who have children with special needs often seek out opportunities to meet other parents in similar circumstances. Special Education Parent Teacher Associations (SEPTAs) provide this opportunity and often bring together families of students who attend different schools in a district under one PTA umbrella. Becoming a SEPTA provides families and educators with an organized structure, resources and the opportunity to network with others, educate themselves, share resources and to be a collective voice for their student and for all students.

Texas’ PTA vision is that every student’s potential is a reality. SEPTAs have that same vision for children receiving special education services.

The Clear Creek ISD Special Education PTA was formed on November 16, 2015 by parents who desired a way to work with other families, teachers and administrators within the special education world and across the district.

  • To provide a forum where parents, teachers and administrators can work together to provide the best possible education for children receiving special education services.
  • To provide parent education and resources to strengthen families at home, school and in the community.
  • To give parents the opportunity to meet other parents with similar circumstances.
  • To provide our community with an organizational structure, resources and the opportunity to be a collective voice for their child and for all children.

Yes! We encourage parents and educators to join both SEPTA and their school PTA.

The school PTA provides many educational programs valuable to students and members, as well as funding for teacher scholarships and special purchases that benefit the students at the school. In addition, it is one of the best ways to receive information on what is going on at your student’s school.

We encourage SEPTA members to be active in their school’s PTA to support their student(s) and all children at the school. SEPTA members can also communicate news and events SEPTA is hosting to the school PTA membership so that others who have an interest can get involved and benefit from SEPTA.

To give SEPTA the ability to provide programs and activities right from the start. As a brand-new PTA with an empty beginning bank account, SEPTA is very grateful to those who have supported our formation and development through membership or donations. We are working hard to raise funds so that we can support and expand programs and establish a good financial base that will allow us to reconsider the amount of dues in the future.